Edelcare commitment

The beginning of a life
Constantly working alongside healthcare practitioners (paediatricians, dermatologists, toxicologists, allergy specialists, pharmacists and physiotherapists), Edelcare offers the best in science for infant well-being. Safe, effective, natural and conveying unique emotion thanks to the massage application method, Edelcare products relieve minor everyday upsets and go hand in hand with your baby’s development.

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Edelcare guaranties

Garanzie Edelcare

Our commitment

Because nothing is more precious than your baby, safety is Edelcare’s first and foremost commitment. Developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals, all Edelcare dermopaediatric treatments are hypoallergenic, with guaranteed high tolerability, they do not contain parabens, colouring agents or alcohol.

Totally safe

Before reaching consumers, Edelcare dermopaediatric treatments undergo very strict safety tests in compliance with European standards. The products undergo scientific control tests at each stage of manufacture and are packed in tamper-proof packaging. All our products are presented in airless packaging to ensure their original properties are preserved throughout their useful life.

Proven efficacy

Edelcare dermopaediatric treatments preserve the biological integrity of your baby’s skin. They have been developed from rigorously selected natural active ingredients for optimum protection. They have all been evaluated in clinical studies and use tests under dermatological and paediatric supervision in order to demonstrate their efficiency.

Unique pleasure of use

Edelcare products enhance those moments of closeness between a mother/father and baby, thanks to their unique comfort and pleasure of use. Our massage techniques, designed in collaboration with professional neo-natal specialists, make each gesture a moment of well-being and awakening of the senses. In addition to their curative properties, they promote emotional bonding. Your baby will enjoy this unique special moment, between the two of you.

Edelcare ingredients

The beneficial effects of the Swiss Alps are the very source of all Edelcare products. Each formula contains plants, botanical raw materials exclusive to Switzerland, and is characterised by natural, ORGANIC, premium-quality ingredients.
– One plant featured in the whole range: ORGANIC edelweiss with protective, softening properties.
– Extracts from targeted, synergistic, ORGANIC Swiss plants. Proven efficacy according to type of discomfort and selected for your baby’s safety.
– 2 patented natural active ingredients featured throughout the range:
GATULINE® DERMA SENSITIVE: a botanical gem derived from the floral buds of the caper bush, with soothing properties.
HYDRASALINOL®: Salicornia extract, with highly moisturizing properties.

Proven safety and effectiveness

Una sicurezza e un'efficacia dimostrata

Because nothing can be too safe for your baby’s delicate skin, all Edelcare products are subjected to particularly strict tests before reaching consumers. By choosing Edelcare, you can thus be completely sure of using a safe and effective product.
– All Edelcare products are hypoallergenic: they are free from all irritant substances and are formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reactions. Tests conducted under medical supervision by specialist laboratories confirm their high tolerability.
– Edelcare dermopaediatric treatments are free from preservatives and are presented in airless packaging which prevents them from coming into contact with air and the environment, thus avoiding the risk of contamination.
– Numerous substances are excluded from Edelcare products, such as parabens, preservatives, alcohol, essential oils, phenoxyethanol and terpenes (camphor, menthol and eucalyptol).

Demanding safety requirements

Edelcare products undergo rigorous control tests at all stages of their development:
Safety tests
Each Edelcare formula undergoes numerous tests to establish its perfect safety profile: skin and ocular tolerance tests, and hypoallergenicity tests.
Efficacy tests
The efficacy of Edelcare treatments is evaluated by clinical studies and numerous use tests, and sensitisation tests conducted under dermatological and paediatric supervision.

In-process control

Edelcare products undergo control tests throughout manufacture, to ensure that their formula is stable and, in particular, that no bacterial contamination is present. The efficiency of Edelcare treatments is evaluated by clinical studies and numerous use tests and sensitisation tests conducted under dermatological and paediatric supervision.