Lovely baby and happy mom

Between you and your baby: a sense of gentleness, relief, comfort and security.

Touch is one of your baby’s essential needs. It is your baby’s most developed sense, and his/her first means of communication with you. Thanks to various techniques and active ingredients used, massage relieves minor everyday complaints and which has a therapeutic role.
It will give your baby a sense of serenity, protection and emotional wellbeing, while making him aware of his body, which in turn contributes to an overall sense of comfort.

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The countless benefits of baby massage.

Learning resources


Edelcare Dermopaediatric treatments are combined with natural active ingredients, ORGANIC Swiss plants rigorously selected for their efficiency and safety. Our learning resources teach you simple massage techniques, interspersed with gentle movements, and explained with clear illustrations.
Our recommended techniques combined with the natural active ingredients in our products, help to relieve your baby’s discomfort, such as: colic symptoms and bloating, while easing respiration, strengthening natural defence mechanisms, and helping him to sleep peacefully and soundly.



Massage with the palm of the hands (bloating)

Massage with the palm of the hands
Place the palm of your hand on your baby’s right hip.
Gently slide your fingers upwards to the ribcage, sideways, then back down over the left hip, finishing on the left leg. Go back to the right hip and repeat 4 or 5 times in succession

Circular massage (colic)

Circular massage
Place 2 fingers next to your baby’s navel.Apply gentle pressure in a circular motion.
Slide your fingers around the navel.Repeat, increasing the size of the circle, and stop when you reach your baby’s right hip.Repeat this movement 4 or 5 times in succession.


Massage with small circular movements

5Massage with small circular movements
Place two fingers of each hand on the area between the nipples.Slide your fingers upwards.Work in a circular motion around the nipples.Increase and decrease the size of the circles.Massage the whole chest area. Repeat this movement 4 or 5 times in succession.


Back massage

Back massage
Place your thumbs just below the nape of the neck. Not on the spine, but on either side.
Exert light pressure with your thumbs. Slide your fingers downwards, in a circular motion. Repeat this movement 4 or 5 times in succession.

Shoulder massage

Shoulder massage
Place your hands on either side of the nape of the neck. Slide them over the shoulders towards the top of the arms. Use the whole surface of your hand.Repeat 4 or 5 times in succession.


Wrist massage

Wrist massage
Place your thumb flat perpendicularly on your baby’s wrist and rub in a fairly rapid back-and-forth motion, for approximately 30 seconds. Perform this movement on both wrists

Ear massage

Ear massage
Place each index finger behind your baby’s ear, and rub in an up-down motion for approximately 1 minute.